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10-15 Year Old Traveling League - Baseball

Bobby Hoff

Bobby Hoff

Travel Director

MYAS Baseball

Brooklyn Park Baseball is who your player will play for. Brooklyn Park Traveling Baseball Teams play league games with MYAS.

Traveling Season information

League play can start in late April and go till end of June, with league playoffs in early July.  Each team will will play 3-4 tournaments a year with additional State Tournaments (MYAS, MBT, MSF) available if qualified for, that are played in July.  All traveling seasons end by mid/late July.

League games will be played against other local area traveling teams.  There is typically a 14-16 game schedule for traveling leagues which tends to average 2 games a week.  Half the games will be played in BP and half at away team fields.

There are 3 classes of traveling baseball.  They are AAA, AA and A.  Most of Brooklyn Parks traveling ages will have a AAA and AA team.

Traveling Draft : Tuesday, February 27th 5:30- 9:00pm

Your 2024 Traveling Teams

Team Head Coach Assistant Coach Tryout Numbers Selected to this team
14AAA Chad Richards 600,603,604,605,613,614,615,616,619,621,622,623,627
14A No Team NA
13A Marty Broman 500,535,536,537,538,592,593,594,596,598,599,625
12AAA Joe Abellera 400,402,409,410,417,420,425,429,431,435,436,439
12AA Chad Wickman 405,408,411,418,419,421,427,430,432,437,458,459
12A Kevin Olson 401,407,412,414,415,416,423,424,433,434,438,440
11AAA Bobby Hoff 300,302,303,304,305,306,307,308,309,313,314,315
10AAA Ben Havn 223,224,225,227,228,229,230,232,233,234,235,236

Brooklyn Park Traveling Baseball Details

How does my child qualify for a BPBA Traveling Team?

  • Your player must turn 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15 years old on or before May 1st of the current year.  
  • Your player must attend tryouts and score high enough to be placed on a traveling team.
  • Your player may play at grade level (For example if your player is 9 yrs old at May 1st but is in 4th grade, they may tryout for 10U).  If this option is selected you must remain with this age group each season.
  • No player is allowed to play at the same age level 2 years in a row

What are the roster sizes of traveling teams?

  • Typical traveling teams have 12 players.  However, if there are low registration numbers some teams may have 11.

Can my player tryout for an older team?

  • We have a no "play up" policy

Brooklyn Park Traveling Baseball plays with MYAS

MYAS/Gopher State Guidelines for Organizations

The sponsoring organization must be of perpetual nature (i.e. intend to be in existence from year to year). The MYAS recognizes teams that emanate from organizations that have a democratic posture, meaning that the administrative structure of the organization must allow for open election of officers and open forums for parents and participants to voice their concerns.

The MYAS recognizes organizations that promote and implement programs for multiple age/grade levels. We do not recognize single teams formulated by any individual(s) not affiliated with or recognized by a recognized organization as described above or a bona fide association.

MYAS/Gopher State Baseball is a community-based program. Participating teams must be comprised of players who are from the community in which their parent or legal guardian resides or for the school they attend. The MYAS will recognize a team if they are derived from a recognized bona fide association (consisting of multiple teams of perpetual nature) or a school program within their boundaries according to their bylaws. Generally, association boundaries are based on a city’s limits or a high school district attendance area. The MYAS will not knowingly allow renegade and/or Club/Academy-All Star teams to participate in the league. These guidelines are established to maintain a community-based orientation.

If an individual within your association is requesting to participate with a different association, an “Official Player Waiver” MUST be completed and submitted to the MYAS office for approval prior to participation.  The waiver process is only valid if the current association is willing to waive the individual out of their association and the receiving association is willing to waive them into their association. Each individual requesting to be waived out of their home association must complete a waiver.

The MYAS/Gopher State Baseball Board of Advisors reserves the right to rule on all waiver situations.

  • On an annual basis, athletes must try out and compete with the travel association within the community where they reside or for the school they attend. Exception: In situations involving "split families," the athlete may participate with the association closest to the mother or father's residence.
  • If there is not a travel association within the community where the athlete resides or attends school, or if the athlete has been cut or restricted from the association, they may participate with a recognized bordering association.
  • Any exceptions to the above guidelines require the approval of the Gopher State Baseball Board of Advisors.

Clarification: Teams may not be formed independently, even if those players have been cut from their local tryouts, without the approval of their home Association.