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Basketball Program

Update and Decision on 2020-21 Season - please read

date created: 1/1/2021

Good Morning and Happy New Year Everyone!  

Following the modified mask announcement from the MN Dept of Health on Monday 12/28, we have been discussing options for the current basketball season.  Since before registration opened on 8/1 to present, we have been waiting, watching, and modifying the program to be able to provide your children the opportunity to play basketball in the most safe and secure manner.  We had modified the calendar for the elementary kids to start in January, in hopes things with the pandemic would have settled down a little but and we would be able to resume “normal” programming….well, that didn’t happen as planned.

With the latest announcement where the kids need to wear masks during practices and games, and the anticipated announcement that parents would not be allowed at games, we have received quite a few cancellation requests in the last week.  We have over 125 kids that have not confirmed their spot and paid the fee for the season, therefore it is impossible to form teams without confirmed players.  And finally, we did not have enough people volunteer to coach the teams.  Given all of these factors, we have made the very hard decision to cancel the 2020-2021 basketball season for the Elementary kids. 

Over the course of the next week or so, I will be processing all the refund requests to the parents that have paid via credit card.  For those of you that paid with cash, I will work with the BPAA treasurer to get a check mailed to you.  Please understand this is going to take some time for us to do, so we appreciate your patience.  If you do not see your refund by the end of January, please reach out to us.

As of right now, we intend to move forward with the Jr High and Sr High programs.  Jr High teams will resume practices next week, and practice schedules will be distributed and uploaded to your Sport Engine calendar this weekend.  The game schedule has been modified to have doubleheaders most weeks, no Holiday Classic or OMGBA tournaments, but the End of Season tournament will still be the last weekend in February.  Specific details will be sent out to the Jr High teams when the schedules have been uploaded and are available.

For the Sr High kids, we are still working to confirm a date for tryouts, but are aiming for 1/9.  Not all divisions will be required to come to tryouts because of the small number of kids in each division, so more details will be provided to the Sr High kids shortly.  Practices will start the week of 1/11.  Games will start on 1/24 and the end of season tournament will be held the first weekend of March. There will not be a 3x3 or Jamboree tournament for this division this year.

While I understand this is not the news you expected to receive the first day of 2021, please know this was not an easy decision.  I have been involved with the BPAA program for over 16 years and this is one of the toughest decisions I have been involved in making.  I appreciate your support and kind words many of you have given of the course of this difficult season, and truly hope you all hang in there and join us next season for what we hope to be a “normal” season.

As always, please reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,


BPAA Basketball President

COVID-19 Return To Play Plan 


Below is the final, approved return to play plan for BPAA Basketball. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to




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How the Basketball Program is Organized

The cities of Brooklyn Park & Brooklyn Center, MN form the BPAA Basketball Program, offering House League competition from 1st grade through 12th grade for boys and girls.

Our basketball program is organized into the following three groups, please visit their individual page for more information.

BPAA Basketball is a house league which emphasizes equal playing time and good sportsmanship.

Basketball News

No news currently found.

It is expected that parents/fans refrain from coaching or shouting out instructions from the stands.

Parents are encouraged to cheer, clap and make short/positive comments during a game.  However, we must leave the coaching to the head coach and the assistant coach on the bench.

This is important for a number of reasons, but most importantly it’s hard enough to get the players to hear their coaches voice and instructions. When you add a gym full of parents shouting out instructions, it gets really difficult for the players to hear and/or process what their coach is saying.

Second, sometimes parents yell out instructions that contradict what the coach is telling their player to do.

Third, parents yelling out instruction becomes contagious. It happens all the time. It starts out with one well intentioned parent (or grandparent) yelling instructions and before you know it several other chime in and it’s just a blur of too many voices.

The players need ONE voice giving instruction and that is their coach.

We realize that this can be very hard for some parents to do.  We have likely all been there. And we realize that sometimes the instruction is helpful and you’ll see something the coaches are missing. But the negatives of allowing this clearly out-weigh the positives.  So we encourage you to relax, have fun, and cheering for your team.

~ Breakthrough Basketball