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Coaches Corner

Coaching applications

Traveling League coaches will be interviewed in early January.

House League coaches will be interviewed starting in January on a monthly basis until all positions are filled.

COACHES - Please complete the following 3 STEPS:

(STEP 1) Complete Concussion Training which is VALID for 3 years

 NOTE: If you have done this in the previous 3 years you can skip this step

(STEP 2) Complete the BPAA Coaches Background Check and Concession Certificate Registration

(STEP 3) Complete Baseball Coaching Application 
NOTE: STEPS #1 and #2 must be completed first

Brooklyn Park Baseball Coaches Code of Conduct

As a coach, BPBA will expect the following behaviors from you:

Recognize a good play and appreciate it, no matter what team makes the play.

Teach and encourage good sportsmanship

Avoid improper gestures and language

Treat opponents, players, parents, and BPBA committee members and Board Members with respect.

Recognize umpires  have the authority of your games and their decisions are final.  Respect them and their decisions.

Avoid public displays of criticism of BPBA, rules, players, coaches, umpires, anything BP baseball related with anyone.  If you have concerns or issues, these should be brought to the BP Board immediately.

Exercise self control at all times.

Respect the property of others, including our parks.

Rain, Rain Go Away

Notes on what to do if it rains while you are at the field:

As long as play can be conducted safely we play.  If there is lightning, suspend play.  If  the rain is coming down heavily seek shelter and determine field conditions after the rain passes. 

4 innings is considered a complete game or if you have completed 3.5 with the home team ahead, it should be considered a complete game.


Abuse Awareness for Adults certificate class

Travel coaches will need this for playing MBT tournaments

Jan 24th Coaching Clinic

Come hear Brian Raabe, Head Baseball Coach at Bethel University and former major leaguer, discuss key fundamentals, practice plans and answer your questions!

Wednesday, January 24th, 7-9:30pm
Brooklyn Park Community Center, Gardenview Room

Sponsored by the Twins Community Fund

RSVP Below:

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