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Baseball Player Registration

Player Age Requirements for 5-19 Year Old Program

Your child's official age is whatever their age is on May 1 for the upcoming season.  Our program is for 5-19 year olds.  If your child has a summer birthday, you may chose to have them play with their classmates. 

5 year olds who are graduating from Kindergarten in the current year can play in 6/7 NL, but note that they will be playing at GRADE LEVEL, not AGE LEVEL.

Luke Enno

Registration Director

What League can I register for? (Baseball Age is age on 5/1)
5 year olds - 5/6 tball
6 year olds - 5/6 tball or 6/7NL
7 year olds - 6/7NL
8 year olds - 8/9NL
9 year olds - 8/9NL or 9/10AL or 9/10AL with 9's tournament team
10 year olds - 9/10AL or 10U traveling
11 year olds - 11/12NL or 11U traveling
12 year olds - 11/12NL or 12U traveling
13 year olds - 13 NW Suburban League or 13U traveling
14 year olds - 14/15 NW Suburban League or 14U traveling
15 year olds - 14/15 NW Suburban League or 15U traveling
16-19 year olds - Senior League
League Description
5/6 tball - players hit off tee
6/7NL - coach pitch
8/9NL - starts all machine pitch and introduce half kid pitch
9/10AL - all kid pitch
11/12NL - all kid pitch

Grade/Age League Chart

House Leagues

League Age on May 1st Grade at registration
5/6 tball 5 or 6 years old pre-K or K
6/7 NL 6 or 7 years old K or 1st  grade
8/9 NL 8 or 9 years old 2nd or 3rd grade
9/10 AL 9 or 10 years old 3rd or 4th grade
11/12 NL 11 or 12 years old 5th or 6th grade
13 NWS 13 years old

7th grade

14/15 NWS 14 or 15 years old 8th or 9th grade
16-19 MYAS 16-19 years old 10th -12th grade


Traveling Leagues

League Age on May 1st Grade at Registration
10U 10 years old 4th grade
11U 11 years old 5th grade
12U 12 years old 6th grade
13U 13 years old 

7th grade

14U 14 years old 8th grade
15U  15 years old 9th grade

NOTE: Summer birthdays (playing at grade level) would be a player is 9 years old but completing 4th grade.  This player is eligible and recommended to play 10U to stay with grade.

How is the 2021 Baseball (5-19 Year Old) Program is Organized

Our program is for children ages 5-19.  The program is set up with two house leagues, National League and American League, and one Traveling League.

National League consists of:

  • 5/6 Year Old T-Ball
  • 6/7 Year Old National League (coach pitch)
  • 8/9 Year Old National League (machine and kid pitch)
  • 10 Year Olds may play Traveling or American League (kid pitch)
  • 11/12 Year Old National League 
  • 13 Year Old North Suburban League
  • 14/15 Year Old North Suburban League
  • 16-19 Year Old Senior League
  • League costs range from $50-$280, depending on age (click on League Fees tab to see a breakdown)

Note: When a child turns 9 they can decide to either try out for an American League team or continue to play in the National League.

American League consists of:

  • 9/10 Year Old American League - Players MUST tryout for American League.  Tryout Information is found on our tryout page.
  • American League costs are $145

Note: When a child turns 10 the option to tryout for a Traveling team is also available.

9 Year Old Tournament Team consists of:

12 - 9 year Old players in the American League.  It is an introduction to what traveling baseball is like.   Depending on numbers there will be 1-2 teams created.  Each team will play in 1-2 weekend tournaments.  These teams will be drafted alternatively by our coaches.  To participate on the tournament team, your player MUST sign up to play in American League.

To play in this league there is an additional cost.  The fee is collected after the team (or teams) is formed. 

Traveling League consists of:

  • 10 Year Old Traveling AA & AAA Teams 
  • 11 Year Old Traveling AA & AAA Teams 
  • 12 Year Old Traveling AA & AAA Teams
  • 13 Year Old Traveling AA & AAA Teams
  • 14 Year Old Traveling AA & AAA Teams
  • 15 Year Old Traveling AA & AAA Teams

NOTE: Age levels may have more or less than 2 teams based on registration numbers

Costs for this league are $245*
Tryout fee of $30 is included in registration and is non-refundable

Players must tryout for the Traveling League.  Tryout Information is found on our tryout page.  To play in this league there is an additional cost.  The fee is collected after the team is formed.

2021 Youth Scholarships

BPAA offers youth scholarships to help Brooklyn Park families pay for their children's participation in our baseball program.  Please feel free to complete the above form to receive financial assistance.  We will limit the amount of scholarships to 20.  All scholarship applications must be completed by March 15, 2021. 

A volunteer check will still need to be handed in and volunteer hours will still need to be completed.

Once the form is completed, please mail to BPBA, PO Box 43206, BP, MN 55443.

We will review the form and get back to you on how to complete registration for your player.  If you do not hear from us within 1 week of sending the form in, please email us.


Team & Player Formation Policy for 5-12 Year old Program

The following rules apply to requesting special player/coach requests.

  • If your child is registering for the National League (NL) and wants to play with a friend, both players must list each other on the registration form. Only those who have listed each other are guaranteed to be on the same team. For example, Bobby lists Jimmy and Jimmy lists Bobby. Bobby and Jimmy will be placed on the same NL team.  This is the only situation in with we can place players together on a team.  We can not honor any other friend requests.
  • You may request that your child NOT be placed on a particular coach’s team, with an email to the BPBA Head Commissioner prior to March 15 on why this is being requested.  To be fair to all players, we can not have anyone request to be ON a particular coach’s team.
  • Because of the draft process for American and Traveling League teams, we can not accept friend or coach preferences.

Volunteer Deposit Check Requirements

For ALL players registering with BPBA, we will be collecting Volunteer Deposit checks.  These checks will be held thru the season and shredded once your volunteer requirement is met. (NOTE: This does NOT apply for T-ball players)

House League Players:   A separate volunteer deposit check for $150, is required for each player. This check will be handed in at uniform distribution. A uniform will not be given to a player unless we have a volunteer deposit check. 

This check will only be cashed should the volunteer requirement not be met.  The volunteer requirement is met by working at the concession stand or other requests during games and tournaments.

Parents of House League Parents will have the option to "Opt Out" of volunteering by providing a $125 check to BPAA per player.  This check will be cashed right away.

Traveling Players:  A separate volunteer deposit check for $300 is required for each Traveling Player.  This check will be handed in during uniform distribution. A uniform will not be handed out without a volunteer deposit check. 

This check will be cashed if volunteer hours are not met.  The volunteer requirement is met by working at the concessions stand our other requests during tournaments.  

More information on volunteering and our Volunteer Policy can be found on our Volunteer Page.



Summer Birthday Policy

While in general players are not allowed to play up within the age leagues, in the house leagues (non-traveling), we will allow players to play with other players in their grade.  This means that:

  • 6 year olds (if your player is 5 and finishing kindergarten, they can play, and will play at Grade Level)
  • 7 year olds or any player currently finishing 1st grade
  • 8 year olds or any player currently finishing 2nd grade
  • 9 year olds or any player currently finishing 3rd grade
  • 10 year olds or any player currently finishing 4th grade
  • 11 year olds or any player currently finishing 5th grade
  • 12 year olds or any player currently finishing 6th grade

Players that have been held back in school will be expected to play by age.

7 year olds (currently finishing 1st grade) are not allowed to play in the 8 year old league even if they did play in the 7 year old league the year before.

Traveling leagues need to be addressed on a case by case basis, as BPAA is not in complete control of the age rules for the leagues in which these teams participate.

Code of Conduct

Brooklyn Park Baseball Association

The goal of the Brooklyn Park Baseball Association is to ensure that its members have a positive baseball experience through maintaining the highest standard of sportsmanship and ethical behavior at all times.  To accomplish this goal, a Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Board Members of the Association.

 Is it understood that by registering to participate in the Association, you and your fans agree to abide by the rules set forth in this document while on the playing or practice field or at any Association sanctioned event.

 Players, Coaches and Spectators SHALL:

  • Display good sportsmanship at all times
  • Follow the direction of the coaching staff and league officials
  • Respect all coaches, players, league officials, umpires, volunteers, and spectators
  • Make every attempt to be on-time for all games and practices
  •  Support the rules, regulations and by laws established and endorsed by the Association

Players, Coaches and Spectators SHALL NOT:

  • Use foul or obscene language or gestures
  •  Engage in physical altercations of any kind
  • Argue with or show disrespect to umpires, coaches, volunteers or spectators
  • Display discourtesy to opposing players, coaches or spectators
  •  Abuse or mistreat any equipment
  • Use alcohol and/or tobacco products at any Association event or on any playing field

 Conduct deemed detrimental to the Brooklyn Park Baseball Association will be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct.  It is the responsibility of the players, coaches, parents, and umpires to enforce the Code of Conduct by informing the Board Members of the Association in writing, if any questionable conduct has occurred.

 In the event a report of a Code of Conduct violation is received, the Board Members shall investigate the complaint and take appropriate action, including a written response to the reporting party at the conclusion of the investigation and review. 

 Violation of the Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action from the league, including, but not limited to, game suspensions, suspension of traveling activities, or ejection from the Association.  Brooklyn Park Baseball Association reserves the right to suspend/relieve any coach of their duties prior to the Code of Conduct review by Board Members.